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By | 30 April 2024

Crazy Taxi For PC Game Full Download 2023

Crazy Taxi For PC Game Download is a pointed attack racing game. The game is the third part of the Crazy Taxi series. Crazy Taxi’s gaming platforms are “Microsoft Windows”, “PlayStation 2”, “GameCube”, “Arcade”, “Dreamcast”, “Xbox 360”, “iOS” Andriod “,” PlayStation “,” Game Boy Advance ” and “Portable Playstation.” In this game, the player controls the role of a taxi driver who has to deliver the passenger in a short time. Also, the fastest possible time before the time runs out.

Also, accumulate money. In the game, the developer provided the soundtrack and music for the Offspring tapes. The game has won many awards such as the “People’s Choice Award”, “Crazy Best Game”, “Game of the Year”, “Score of the Year” and many more. In addition, the game was also chosen for many awards such as “Best Independent Game”, “Impact Game”, “Best Graphics” etc.

Crazy Taxi PC Gameplay And Main Objectives

Crazy Taxi Full PC Game player controls the taxi drivers in a fictional city. The player must find the passenger and must reach his destination as quickly as possible. In addition, the player must complete their destination within the specified game time. The game player is suitable for passengers looking for rides. Passengers also turn up the color to represent their distance. The colors are divided into different destinations. The red color shows short distances, yellow for intermediate distances, and green for long distances. The player can see his position with the green arrow. And the HUD point helps guide the player through the map.

While traveling, the player can use the special “Insane Stunt” with drifts, jumps, and near misses to earn extra money from the passenger. If the Crazy Taxi PS3 player reached the destination in time, he received the bonus. Also, if the player’s countdown reaches zero, the passenger gets out of the taxi without paying. In this lawsuit, the player requested to look for another passenger.

Crazy Taxi Information On Developing Highly Compressed PC Games

The Crazy Taxi Torrent was created by a multinational gaming company “Sega AM 3”. “Sega AM 3” is a Japanese game development company. The company was founded in 1993. In addition, the company has been working for 27 years and continues to develop video games. The company’s headquarters are located in Tokyo. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Also, “Sega” is a famous Japanese game publisher. The company was founded in 1960. Furthermore, the company has been working for 60 years and still develops video games. The company’s headquarters are located in Tokyo. Crazy Taxi’s Initial Release Date is February 1999. And its latest release date is 2017 as well.

Crazy Taxi Live Review

Crazy Taxi PC Download is number 6 in the UK sales table and number 3 in the Japanese sales table. According to the Metacritic game scores website review, the game offers fabulous picture quality on both PC and PlayStation 4. Plus, it gives it 80/100 for its PlayStation 2 gaming platform. 69/100 scores for the game. its GameCube gaming platform, 86 / 100. News site “GameSpot” gives the game an 8/10 rating US game and media website “IGN” 8.5 on its PlayStation 3 gaming platform.

The publication’s website and magazine claim that the game primarily aims to get the player to their goal within a certain time. Its gameplay gives little time to go far. It’s good for the player. However, after its release in Japan, 20 million copies of the game were sold in the first two months. In general, people give the game a positive review and like the Angel mode. The Crazy Taxi Download For PC fully meets the expectations of the developers. In addition, the game is popular in America, England, Finland, and many other countries.

System Requirments
  • Ram Memory: 2 Gb.
  • Central Processing Unit: Intel Pentium processor with 3 GHz power.
  • File size of the Game: 240 Mb.
  • Operating system: Windows XP OS.

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